The Whale

I awoke with the feeling,
the power of the whale

Rising up to the sky and back
down with momentum

My heart was a flutter,
the experience surreal

I felt what the Mystic meant
that moment in time

Glory behold
so sublime

Insights into the Eternal Dance

From Almine’s Aranash Suba Yoga

Believe in nothing, for only then can you freely and effortlessly know.

Seek not meaning, for it retains that which has become meaningless.

Perception without conclusion brings clarity.

As long as judgment of good and bad exists,
dictators will arise to defend or enforce their point-of-view.




A big thank you to all who spread Yoga of Illumination around the world. A time to be thankful for all the blessings bestowed on us and all that we are in gratitude to the One Life.